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Commercial Asphalt Roof Replacement in Green Bay

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Multi-Family Building Roof Replacement

If your apartment complex roof is showing signs of age or damage and you’re questioning what course of action is right, then the best way to find your answer is to contact Overhead Solutions. We’ve made a name for ourselves as North Wisconsin’s preferred commercial roofing company with our free asphalt roof replacement estimates, warrantied services, and use of quality materials.

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Commercial roof replacement in Green Bay is no simple task, especially when you have a multi-family commercial property like an apartment building or condo. You need professional commercial roofers who can handle large scale projects. Overhead Solutions will replace your aging roof and be sure to keep you under warranty.

Commercial Asphalt Roof Replacement Green Bay
Replace Commercial Asphalt Roofing in Green Bay

Repair vs Replace

You never want the worst-case scenario: your unattended sagging roof caves in, not only threatening your building but threatening the livelihood of your tenants. Don’t let a leak get that far, know the signs of a failing roof before it’s too late:

  • Damaged or buckling shingles
  • Extreme leaks
  • Rot or sagging
  • Plant growth on the roof
  • Signs of age, around 20 years after installation

Our apartment roof repair services in Green Bay are unmatched in quality and performance, from 24/7 contact for immediate repairs to the smallest leak patches, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need repair services or full-on replacement, you can get it all at Overhead Solutions with fair prices and experienced professionals.

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A professional full-service roofing company can tell you more about your roof than just “it needs to be replaced.” With Overhead Solutions, you’re guaranteed thoughtful insight, multiple options geared for your budget, and a team of trained installers backed by quality materials.

We’re the Green Bay commercial roofing experts you need to quote out and complete your next commercial roof replacement project.

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