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Cedar Shake Roof Replacement in Green Bay

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Professional Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Services from Overhead Solutions

The Green Bay roof replacement experts at Overhead Solutions offer superior cedar shake re-roofing services. Cedar shake roofing not only gives a natural, textured look to any roof, they also offer as much as twice the insulation value of asphalt shingles, resist strong winds and inclement weather better, and last an average of 10 years longer. They’re the roofing material of choice for historic homes with existing cedar shake roofing.

While manufacturers have developed asphalt shingles that mimic the look of cedar shake roofs, nothing matches the natural beauty and energy efficiency of cedar shake roofing. Drawbacks? They cost more upfront, are more labor-intensive to install, and require regular maintenance to prevent moss and mold growth.

Green Bay Cedar Shake Roofing Replacement
Cedar Shake Roof Replaced by Overhead Solutions

Quality Roofing Shingles and Quality Installation

A quality roofing job starts with quality shingles. We use only high-quality cedar shake from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, and we back our work with the best supplemental warranties in the business—ranging from 10-year coverage plans to lifetime protection.

How Long Does a Cedar Shake Roof Last?

A properly installed cedar shake roof can easily last 30 years or more in Green Bay’s climate. The most important factor in the longevity of a cedar shake roof is maintenance. Occasional cleaning and application of preservatives go a long way toward maximizing the service life of cedar shake roofing. When you have your roof installed by Overhead Solutions, you’ll get free roof inspections every year. If we spot anything that needs attention, we’ll get right on it.

Cedar Shake Roofing Replacement
A cedar shake roof that needs replacement

Can Cedar Shake Roofing Be Installed Over An Existing Roof?

It depends. If you have only one layer of asphalt shingles on your roof and they’re not excessively cupped or deteriorating, it’s possible to install split or rough-sawn cedar shake shingles over your asphalt shingles. This requires installing a ventilating underlayment or a layer of battens, however, which adds to both the labor and materials cost.

What about installing cedar shake shingles over an existing wood shingle roof? We usually recommend against this because of the irregular surface and the impracticality of nailing through two layers of shakes. It’s almost always better to reroof (i.e. remove all the existing shingles and install new ones over the underlayment. In some cases, though, it may be possible to install new cedar shake shingles over an existing cedar shake roof, provided the existing shingles aren’t curled or deteriorated too much.

If you’re wondering whether cedar shake can be installed over your existing roof, contact us to arrange a free inspection and quote. Our Green Bay roofers will assess the condition of your existing roof, let you know what your best option is, and provide a quote for the work.

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