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Cedar Roof Repair in Green Bay

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Cedar Roof Restoration and Repair from Overhead Solutions

Cedar shake roofs are a stunning, eco-friendly addition to any home. A natural insulator, cedar shingles are a great choice for homes in the frozen tundra of Green Bay. Cedar shake shingles have similar durability and longevity as asphalt shingles.

For all their beauty and durability cedar shake roofs are not invincible. Cedar roofs experience wear and discoloration like any other roof but need expert repairs. Turn to the Green Bay roof repair experts at Overhead Solutions for cedar shake roof repair.

Green Bay Cedar Shake Roof Repair
Common Cedar Shake Roof Repair in Green Bay

Common Cedar Roof Repairs

Cedar Shingle Splitting

Customers often ask if split cedar shingles are OK. This is completely normal. As a natural wood, cedar shingles expand and contract in different weather. Over years of expanding and contracting cedar shingles can split, crack and buckle. The Green Bay roofers at Overhead Solutions can insert metal shims underneath the cracked cedar shake to prevent leaks and further damage.

Cedar Roof Discoloration

Cedar shake shingles receive a number of treatments to prevent excess discoloration from sun and weather. Even so, after years of enduring the harsh summer sun and brutal Green Bay winters, your cedar roof will experience some discoloration. Turn to the Green Bay roofing contractors at Overhead Solutions for cedar shake color treatments.

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