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Roofing Installation, Repairs, and Replacement in Oconto County

Here's something most people don't realize until it's too late-- the manufacturer's warranty on roofing materials is only valid if the roof was installed in full compliance with their specifications. This is precisely why the Oconto County roofing contractors you choose to install your roof is as important as what kind of roofing material you choose. When you hire Overhead Solutions, you can count on manufacturer-certified installers who are also licensed & bonded. In short, you can count on a job well done.

Overhead Solutions perform all types of roofing, including:

We work with all kinds of roofing materials, too. Trust Green Bay roofing contractors at Overhead for help with asphalt shingles, DECRA roofing, metal roofing, commercial roofing and cedar shake roofing and other roofing systems.

The Roof You Want, At A Price You Can Afford

If you're under a tight budget, we also offer special no-interest installment payment plans and third-party financing options for most of our roofing services. Our sales reps will find a financing plan that will work for you. 

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Expert roofing installation & repair for homes & businesses in Oconto County
Gutter Repair & Installation Contractors in Oconto County

Gutter Repair & Installation in Oconto County

That drip, drip, drip from a leaky gutter may not seem like anything to worry about, but over time a leaky gutter can wreak havoc on your foundation. When water drips from a faulty gutter and lands near your foundation, it inevitably works its way into your basement. The water that accumulates in the ground along your foundation wall also puts you at risk for a cracked foundation wall during our notorious freeze/thaw cycles.

Bottom line: don't put off dealing with a leaky or poorly installed gutter. Overhead Solutions' gutter repair and installation services  are affordably priced and usually take just one day to complete. For homeowners who have to contend with fall leaves clogging their gutters, we highly recommend gutter covers. We carry both the Gutter Guard and Leaf Relief covers.

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Why You Want Our Oconto County Roofing Company Working on Your Home

There are dozens upon dozens of roofing contractors in Oconto County, so why choose Overhead Solutions? In a word: Quality. We're obsessed by it. To the point our owner himself is on virtually every job site to oversee the work. Not that our installer need to be monitored. Far from it. They're all experienced, manufacturer-certified, licensed & bonded pros who share our commitment to quality workmanship.

We're so confident in our work, we back it with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you won't pay a thing until the work meets your expectations. And you can count on all work being done to manufacturer specifications so your home will be covered both literally and by the manufacturer's warranty.

Overhead Solutions serves homeowners and businesses throughout Oconto County, including:

If you're in any of these zip codes, you're in our service area: 54101, 54124, 54138, 54139, 54141, 54149, 54153, 54154, 54171, 54174 & 54175

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Oconto County Roofing Company


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